Faculty of Engineering
Department of Material Science and Engineering 


Head of the department

 Prof. dr. ing. Potecasu Florentina E-mail: fpotec@ugal.ro

 Members of the Department Board

Prof. dr. chim. Musat Viorica

Assoc.Prof. dr. ing. Gurău Gheorghe

Assis.Prof. dr.ing. Boiciuc Simona

Assis.Prof dr.ing. Alexandru Petrică

E-mail: vmusat@ugal.ro, gurau.gheorghe@ugal.ro, simonaboiciuc@yahoo.com, palexandru61@yahoo.com


Secretar: Grozavu Adriana

Tel: 0236-130224, int. 224

E-mail:  agrozavu@ugal.ro