Faculty of Engineering
Department of Material Science and Engineering 

Academic Staff   

Head of Departament

Prof.Dr.Eng. Potecasu Florentina



Prof.Dr.Eng. Musat Viorica


Prof. Dr. Eng. Vasilescu  Elisabeta


Prof. Dr. Eng. Gheorghies Livia


 Assoc. Prof. Eng. Gurau Gheorghe


Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Eng. Cazacu Nelu

Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Eng. Dobrovici Sorin


Assist.Prof. Eng. Gurau Carmela

Assist.Prof.Dr. Eng. Dima Ovidiu

Assist.Prof. Dr. Eng. Petrea Ionel

Assist.Prof.Dr. Eng. Alexandru Petrica

Assist.Prof. Dr.Eng. Boiciuc Simona

Assist.Prof. Dr.Eng. Hanganu Doru

Assist.Lect. Dr. Eng.Papadatu Carmen

Assist.Lect. Dr. Eng. Neacsu Marian

Assist.Lect.Dr. Eng. Marin Mihaela

Assist.Lect.Dr. Eng. Marin Florin Bogdan

Consulting Professors

Prof.Dr.Eng.Drugescu Elena

Prof.Dr. Eng. Cananau Nicolae



Assist.Prof.Dr. Eng. Tanase Dinel

Assist.Prof. Dr. Eng. Florea Gheorghe


Prof.Dr. Eng.

Ana Doniga


Assist.Prof. Dr. Eng. Sanda Levcovici